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Unete a Carlos Cuellar mientras te guia a traves de como virtualizar bases de datos SAP IQ utilizando Delphix. En este video, la base de datos fuente es iqdemo y su clon virtual (Base de datos virtual) es VDBDEMO. Tomamos ventaja de la facilidad que nos otorga Delphix para integrarlo con herramientas CI/CD como Jenkins para orquestrar y automatizar todas las operaciones de datos que se ejecutan en Delphix.

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Top 6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Delphix Engines

At Delphix, we pride ourselves on the ability to rapidly innovate, addressing bugs and vulnerabilities, to create a streamlined, intuitive, and extensible product.

Constant evolution is why we place such a high value on continually upgrading to our most recent release.

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Industry experts, leading partners, and your peers cover a broad set of tracks and sessions that explore growing trends in DevOps & CI/CD, cloud, creating a more diverse and equitable economy, data compliance, AI/ML, and more.

Accreditation Makes All the Difference

We recognize the time and effort given to becoming a Delphix partner, and we think others should, too.

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