Innovation Contest

Delphix is hosting a virtual developer contest where customers and partners can submit creative ways of using and/or developing on top of Delphix’s extensibility tools: the Delphix Integrations (dxi), Masking SDK, Delphix APIs, and Delphix Virtualization SDK.

The Innovation Contest theme is Sustainability and Responsible Innovation.

Use a combination of Delphix’s extensibility tools and develop a prototype that showcases your idea.


  • You can join as an individual or a team of up to 4 team members
  • Register by completing the form found here.

You will be invited to a slack channel after registering AND you will receive an email to join the Delphix Developer Innovation Contest Community within 24 hours. Please visit the community after you have received the email. The community is where you will go to access more detailed Innovation Contest materials and post questions on the usage of the tools or any Innovation Contest questions.


Subject to the additional restrictions stated under the Contest rules, the Contest is open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, Canada (excluding Quebec), the United Kingdom, and wherever else the Contest is not prohibited or restricted by law. The Contest is not open to residents of Puerto Rico, Quebec, Brazil, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, the Crimea Region of the Ukraine or any other jurisdiction where the Contest and/or participation or receipt of a prize in connection with the Contest would be restricted or prohibited by law.


  • Now through June 9: Form teams and register for Innovation Contest.
  • June 8: Data Company Conference
    • Innovation Contest kick off at the Delphix Data Company Conference (DCC).
    • Ask an Expert at our DCC booth and an overview of Delphix’s extensibility tools.
  • June 8-14 Participants may post questions in the Delphx Innovation-contest community.
  • June 14 11:59 PM PDT: Deadline for submission of Innovation Contest prototype recording and supporting material.
  • June-17: Online Demo (time TBD) + Award Ceremony. Participants can invite their co-workers, family, and friends to the online event.


  • All participants who submit a project receive a badge in the Delphix community, a shareable Credly badge, and a certificate.
  • We will have one winner or winning team with a prize of a $1000 gift card. The winner will also receive a commemorative plaque.

The Challenge

  • This is a virtual event. You need to submit a recording of your demo to the community. More information is available here in the community.
  • Get Inspired!

We will provide a confirmation email when we have received all the information.

  • The demo recording of your prototype should be around 5 mins. If your demo recording is longer than 5 mins, we will only show the first 5 mins on the Online Demo Day.
  • Judging is based on the following attributes:
    • Integration of Delphix (30%) - How much are you using Delphix APIs to develop your solution?
    • ESG Factor (25%) - How well does the Solution contribute toward Environment, Social, or Governance initiatives?
    • Innovativeness Of The Solution (25%) - How original & creative is the Solution?
    • Business Potential (20%) - How well does the Solution solve the use case, does the Solution have broad applicability, does it have business value?


Q: Who can participate in the innovation contest?
A: The innovation contest is open to anyone who is an employee of our customers or partners. Pre-registration is required.
Q: What are the skills required to participate in the contest?
A:You will need the following skills to participate:
  • Be proficient in Python, Java and/or JSON to work with our Extensible Tools.
  • Be able to build something from multiple APIs and make it demo-ready in a week.
Q: Do I need to have Delphix experience to join the innovation contest?
A: Delphix experience is not required for participants to join this innovation contest but it is highly recommended.
Q: What types of projects can innovation contest teams work on?
A: Anything that you can build on top of Delphix and/or Delphix Extensibility Tools and fits to the theme of Sustainability.
Q: How do I form an innovation contest team?
A: You can form an innovation contest team with friends / co-workers or you can find team members on the Delphix Innovation-contest community site.
Q: Can I change my details after registering for the innovation contest ?
A: Yes, you can update your individual/team registration.
Q: What is the submission deadline?
A: Jun-14-2021, Monday, 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time
Q: The Online Demo is too late for me to join for my timezone, is it recorded?
A: Yes, the Online Demo will be recorded and made available on our website.
Q: Who owns the technology that innovation contest teams produce?
A: Please refer to our Terms and Conditions (need link).
Q: Does the innovation contest provide any assistance to teams?
A: Yes, help is available at the Delphix Innovation Contest community site.
Q: Where do I get access to the Delphix toolset?
A: You can find all of that information and more in the Contest community site.
Q: If I have questions that I need to contact someone about, who do I reach out to?
A: Please forward your inquiry to:  For technical questions, your best bet is to contact us through the Delphix Innovation Contest community site.

Let's Innovate Responsibly Together

Delphix Innovation Contest Official Rules