Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Delphix Engines

At Delphix, we pride ourselves on the ability to rapidly innovate, addressing bugs and vulnerabilities, to create a streamlined, intuitive, and extensible product. Constant evolution is why we place such a high value on continually upgrading to our most recent release.  

1. Maintain Primary Support Coverage

Delphix provides an 18 month window from the release of a Delphix version for primary support coverage.
Delphix primary support ensures you are covered if you encounter a Delphix product related issue. We will make commercially reasonable efforts to provide a software fix, this includes security vulnerabilities, fixing bugs, and providing certifications for the latest DB and OS versions. The only means to maintain access to the unparalleled Delphix support team and ensure your Delphix Engine is covered?
Upgrade on a regular basis and stay current.

2. Take Advantage of Platform Improvements

Increased Performance, Enhanced Storage Capacity, and an Overhaul to the Upgrade Experience.
At Delphix, we are ruthlessly improving the operational experience so that you and your team can maximize your Delphix investment. From a performance perspective, we are constantly optimizing infrastructure configurations to shave down process times and increase throughput. We have transformed the storage capacity management experience so that you can get the most out of your networked storage. Additionally, we have taken great strides to overhaul our upgrade experience so that the act of upgrading is faster, does not require support sessions, and will less frequently require VDB downtime.

3. Extensibility

At Delphix, we recognize that customers have vast ecosystems of applications and associated databases along with broad and diverse automation toolchains that look to consume Delphix-sourced data. Couple that with custom, infosec-defined policies and you have a strong need for a Data platform that is extremely extensible. At Delphix, we consider our approach to extensibility in four concrete elements that we consistently advance with every release:

End User Extensibility - Integrate Delphix data into automation pipelines (e.g. DevOps, SRE, etc.) and other applications

Delphix Compliance - Masking and compliance wrap around most, if not all, core workflows that our customers want to employ. To do so, we make masking highly customizable to fit your own rules.

Monitoring and Reporting - Report on Delphix Data by exporting engine statistics to Splunk or any other monitoring tool. Explore governance, automation, and compliance across you deployment with  Data Control Tower.

Data Foundation - we want to enable you to be able to source all of your data into Delphix Masking and Virtualization (no matter the DB/File type, architecture, backup infrastructure, et cetera).

Delphix is a far reaching platform that will only continue to broaden its reach with each subsequent release.

4. Data Source Enhancements

Every datasource natively supported by Delphix has its own roadmap and consistent set of enhancements. These range from usability improvements to additional modes/feature support to removing permission/credential requirements to improve the experience around working with that data source. Recently, we have removed the requirement for database users for both Oracle and SQL Server by supporting Oracle bequeath connections and windows authentication, respectively. Both tremendously save Delphix administrators time by removing the need to manage additional users.

5. Modern User Experience

Delphix continues to invest in updating and evolving the ways you engage with the user interface to ensure that they represent modern standards, are built with accessibility in mind, and prevent any major vulnerabilities such as Cross-Site Scripting. In addition, we ruthlessly optimize the user interface to bring out the most intuitive user experience possible - one recent example of this can be seen from our major overhaul of the capacity management UI.