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Alex Hesterberg, Chief Customer Officer



7 Deadly Sins In The Age Of A.I.
Delivered by Jed Yueh, Founder and CEO of Delphix



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Data Versioning in CI/CD

Eliminate Compliance

Increase Production

Turbocharge SAP

Fast Track Murex

Deliver Data
for AI

Compress Guidewire

Expedite TriZetto

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Game Changer

Recognized for incorporating production-quality data into automated CI/CD workflows used by multiple application development teams. This has made a significant impact on accelerating the delivery of new features for their trading and booking applications.

Recognized for meeting regulatory compliance requirements and reducing exposure in the event of breaches by automating the process of data masking across hybrid environments for over a dozen different banking applications.

Recognized for using DataOps automation to access large volumes of data across multiple sources without time gaps. This has given data scientists and analytics teams the ability to better predict project outcomes, reduce project risks, and reduce plant costs.

Recognized for reducing the risk of outages and reducing the mean time to repair (MTTR) for critical systems that rely upon data and batch processing to optimize tire supply and delivery saving millions of dollars a year in downtime cost avoidance.

Bharani Krish, Associate Vice President Enterprise Infrastructure

Krish led an effort to distribute data across 30 departments to support Molina Healthcare’s state by state expansion —without compromising HIPAA compliance. He was instrumental in leveraging DataOps automation to reduce TriZetto release times, which was critical to supporting Molina’s growth from $6 to $18 billion in revenue over four years.